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Zitron Natural Fibers
Children's Sweaters

Designs by Jutta Bücker

Complete knitting instructions for 16 wholesome, happy sweaters for children


Here's the story: Bob and I were on a weekend yarn- buying trip for our yarn shop web sites. We dropped in to visit with some of our favorite people in the business, just to say hi!, really. We thought our business was elsewhere (goes to show, doesn't it?).

They handed us Zitron's children's pattern book and our eyes popped open. It contains some of the best-for-children sweater designs we had ever seen gathered into one place! These sweaters are the sort any of us would want to see children wearing - some are sweet, some beautiful, some handsome, some playful. All of them are wholesome, warming and endearing.

It was an affirming surprise when we then learned that Zitron's yarns are very popular with Waldorf schools and parents in Europe - we saw some beautiful catalogs featuring all manner of lovely things for children and families, and always, there were Zitron's natural fiber yarns.
We immediately bought a case of these pattern books (published in Germany, but with instructions in English) and headed on home to share them with you. If you knit for children, you will rejoice to see these designs.

The instructions are clear as to gauge so that you can substitute other yarns - should you want to use Zitron's yarns, we carry almost all of them at

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